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Welcome to 2017 !

Wow!  How did it get to be 2017 and the end of January already?!  Where does the time go anymore?  It seems to fly by faster the older I get.

November and December were quite busy for me preparing for Christmas of course, and then work picked up.  Usually things begin to slow down in November and then I have a couple of weeks off in January or February as our customers begin to plan and prepare for the new year’s business.  Not this year!  It got really busy and has remained that way, so no rest for the weary!

So here we are in the middle of January and what have I done so far?  Not much new in the sewing department, just sewing current designs for my Etsy shop orders.  I have, however, been on a bit of a shopping spree! :0) Here’s who has arrived this month:

On January 11th, the last of the Jun Planning Sasha dolls, Pipin, the golden rabbit, I wanted arrived.  I found him on Ebay for a really good price and just HAD to snatch him up before he was gone!  He had never been removed from his box until he arrived here.  He looks very regal and elegant and fits in nicely with the rest of my Sasha dolls.  One day I will write their story….



The very next day, on January 12th, my very first Ruruko doll arrived!  She is a 2016 Happy Box CCSgirl 15AW Ruruko.  She had never been removed from her packaging and was brand new from someone on Ebay who received her with a Momoko doll.   She sold her on Ebay for a very good price because she only collects Momoko’s.  She is in fair skin and on an Azone XS body which makes her an adorable size especially next to my Azone PureNeemo dolls.  I named her Yulie.


Yulie, right out of her packaging.  I love the weight of the Azone bodies!


Yulie compared to Tayte, my Azone PureNeemo.  I love their size difference!

On January 17th, my MiniFee Tika head arrived.  This head will be for a character who is in the same story as Ma’ari, my RealFee Mari.  I purchased the head from the Marketplace on DOA.  My dear and very talented Friend Ban Sidhe will be doing her faceup along with Ma’ari’s.  Her name will be Rella.  Now I just need to save up and buy her body!


MNF Tika head

Also on the 17th, my second Ruruko arrived!  She is a CCSgirl Fresh Ruruko 1607 and she has natural skin.  She is also on an Azone XS body.  She is just as cute as Yulie and her name is Lark.  She, Yulie, Tayte and Inori are all in the same story.


Meet Lark.

As you can see in the photo, she has a bit of discoloration on her nose. I did a bit of cleaning and a bit of sanding and her nose is now nice and clean!  She had been played with by her previous owner.  I bought her on Ebay as well for a very good price.  Ruruko dolls are hard to come by under $200 so I got very lucky with my two girls. :0)


Lark & Yulie


Lark & Yulie getting to know each other on an MSD sized park bench.  I used a Prisma App filter for this effect.  I love how it came out!


Yulie & Lark enjoying a sweet treat.  I used my Rement table and chair set and some miniatures I found at Hobby Lobby as props.  Works perfectly for them!


A different view and using the Prisma App Filter again.  I love this look!


And one more for good measure! :0)

I have ordered some extra hands for each of them from a seller on Ebay and they should be here in the next month or so seeing as they’re coming all the way from Japan.

I also decided to thin out my collection a bit and decided to sell my MiniFee Shiwoo.  He shipped out and arrived at his new home in Texas last week.  I am also selling my Unoa Lusis/MNF Hybrid.  I was just not playing with either of them and they were just sitting on the shelf looking sad.  This way they will have good new homes where they will be loved and played with.

I do have plans for re-shelling Julian’s character (formerly the MNF Shiwoo) as soon as I can find a suitable doll to do so.  I’m leaning towards another JID boy but haven’t decided on a sculpt for sure yet.

On January 31st, a new Azone PureNeemo arrived! She was bought from a dealer on Ebay and is blank with a black wig.  I am going to attempt to do her faceup myself with watercolor pencils.  I’m planning on buying a small airbrush kit so that I can use a sealant other than MSC (which is toxic, can’t be used indoors and it’s much too cold to spray outside).  Hopefully, when I update this blog next time, she will be all finished. :0)  She will be a part of Tayte, Inori, Yulie and Lark’s story as well.


Azone PureNeemo Body and Rooted Head right out of the package.


Standing right out of her packaging!  She needs a bit of a hair trim. ;0)


Just a little handful! :0)

Well, that’s all I have for this month’s update.  I’m hoping to update a bit more often and more consistently this year.  See you ’round! :0)




Resin Hearts BJD Convention

So waaayyy back in the beginning of August, I received a message through my Etsy shop from Leslie, one of the organizers of the Resin Hearts Balljointeddoll Convention in San Jose, California, inviting me to be a vendor at their Dolloween Con on Saturday, October 22, 2016. ” WOW!  What an honor!” I thought and danced around my sewing room with the thrill of the invitation.  Unfortunately, I am not able to attend as a vendor because of lack of funds (we were going on our family vacation to Topsail Island in just over a week after I received the message) and the distance- I live in Ohio and California is on the other side of the country- and work- we are super busy right now and taking more time off would be frowned upon.  Since I was unable to attend, I had the option to donate some of the items I sell in my shop for contest and door prizes.  I jumped on the opportunity and made six ensembles for three different sizes- two ensembles in each size. It was fun coming up with entire outfits (sans shoes) and I enjoyed the process.  I think I may do something like this for some of my listings starting in the new year.  They also needed a banner and a bio along with photos of the items I was donating and that brought me to another dilemma: earlier this year my old laptop died and along with it went the originals of my old banner for my Etsy shop, so I solved the problem by deciding I wanted a new banner anyway.  I enlisted the help of my dear friend Ban Sidhe who is an absolute whiz with photo manipulation!  She made me my gorgeous new banner which I will hopefully have up in my shop this weekend.

So, if you’re in the San Jose area on Saturday, October 22, 2016 check out the Resin Hearts Dolloween Convention at the Santa Clara County Fair Grounds.  The con runs from 9am to 7pm.  For more details visit their blog here: Resin Hearts


New Enchanted Daydreams Banner



MiniFee Ensembles.  Left: Black one piece swimsuit, hot pink sarong and paisley beach bag.  Right: Sleeveless babydoll top, capri leggings and heart and crystal necklace.


For LittleFee Top Row Left: Little fox and polka dot dress with bloomers and a hair bow.  Top Row Right: Polka dot corduroy jumper with long sleeve shirt and panties.  For PukiFee Bottom Left: Sleeveless ruffle top and matching ruffled jeans.  Bottom Right: Long sleeveless dress with bloomers.

I also did something a little different with my packaging and I think this is how I will be packaging my doll clothes from now on.


Until next time! :0)



Where Has the Summer Gone?

Well, summer sure flew by!  I spent most of it working at my real job and not a lot of time playing with dolls or keeping up with my blog.  Shame on me!  But, here I am, on the 2nd day of October catching up a bit.

A few things happened this summer.  Firstly, I received my cute Fairyland Tan RealFee Mari two days before we left for vacation on August 25th.  She is just adorable!  I love her size and she poses beautifully!  Her resin is a bit darker than I thought it would be but still a very lovely color.  I just love her droopy ears!  To me that’s what makes her so darn cute! :0)  I haven’t had the chance to do much with her yet.  Like I said, work has kept me very busy and by the time I get home I don’t have much energy left over.  (This time of year is usually when we slow down and I have a couple of weeks where I’m laid off, but we’ve taken on a couple of new customers who are keeping us quite busy.)  Anyway, I plan on sending her to Ban Sidhe for her faceup once I figure out what I want her to look like, but for now, her sweet blank face will have to do. :0)  I also plan on making clothes for RealFees to put in my Etsy shop but that may have to wait until 2017.


Right out of the box.  What a cutie!


Size comparison to PukiFee (on left) and LittleFee (on right)


Showing off her posing skills. Rock solid!

Like I said above, two days after Ma’ari (that’s her name) arrived, we left for our family vacation on Topsail Island, North Carolina.  It had been eight years since we’d been there and things have changed a bit, but the overall atmosphere was still the same: a family friendly beach environment great for relaxing and recharging.  I took Kess along with me and a little felted mouse named Melody that I bought from an artist on Instagram. Check him out here: Hansugarhippie

Melody had many adventures with me on the beach and in the maritime forest around the beach house we rented.


Melody Mouse on the beach



Exploring the rocks in the backyard


With our treasures from the beach.

I had made a swimsuit pattern for MiniFees and made some swimsuits for Kess to model while we were at the beach.  I took most of the photos on the deck of the beach house.  The lighting there was wonderful!  Then on our last day, early in the morning, I took Kess out for shoot on the beach.


Swimsuit #1 with a black sarong


Swimsuit #2 with a hot pink sarong


Swimsuit #3


Sunrise on the beach.

I do eventually plan on adding these swimsuits to my store but I have a couple of other projects that I have deadlines for before I can focus on new items for my Etsy shop.  And then of course there’s work and Thanksgiving then Christmas… when will it ever end?!?

Till next time…. :0)

He’s Finally Done!

Adam is finally complete!  I have worked hard these last couple of weeks to get him all finished up and boy is it ever a good feeling to have him all together!  Of course he already had his fabulous faceup by the very talented Ban Sidhe and his wig and eyes and an outfit that Ban made for him for our Christmas swap.  But, I needed to personalize him a bit more; make him look exactly how I imagined him to be in his and Skyla’s story.  I started off with his clothing.  I chose to keep the pants that Ban made for him as a part of his outfit (because I dislike making pants and these already suited him so perfectly), but I needed to make him the type of shirt I envisioned him wearing when he went gathering his herbs and plants.  After a bit of research (Pinterest is a wonderful source btw), I came up with a plan to add a hood to a sleeveless shirt.  I used an ultra-suede material for the outer fabric and cotton fabric for the lining of the hood.  I added straps and buckles and whalah!  He had a shirt just how I envisioned it! :0)


Prototype made of cotton fabric.


Final product in Ultra-Suede Fabric.  I also made the bracers for his wrists with a combination of Ultra-Suede and Leather.

Next I needed to make his accessories and because he was a hunter before he became a healer I chose to make his weapons starting with his quiver and the harness that straps around his body and also holds his knife sheath.  The quiver itself is made of leather and so is the knife sheath and shoulder pad.  The straps are made of an Ultra-Suede material.  Jewelry findings came in handy when it came to attaching everything together.

Photo Jul 18, 9 18 32 PM

Next came the arrows to fill the quiver.  I bought the smallest dowel rod I could at the craft store  and then decided on an appropriate length to cut each arrow to- about 5 and a half inches.  Then I painted them with brown acrylic paint and waited for them to dry so I could start sculpting the arrow heads.  I used Milliput which is a two part apoxy that you mix equal parts together to make the sculpting medium.  I had never used the stuff so it was a bit of a learning experience but it worked out pretty well.  I did learn that it’s best to let it dry over night before starting to carve on it or else it’s too soft and will kind of crumble under your tool as you carve.  Once the arrowheads were all dried and hard at the ends of my arrows, I carved them out to look like they had been hand knapped and then painted them with acrylic paints. The I prepared my feathers after a bit more research on Pinterest on how to fletch your feathers/arrows.  I glued them to the end of the arrow and after the glue had dried I bound them to the arrow with some fine hemp cording glueing down the ends.


Fletched arrows drying.  Floral foam comes in handy sometimes! ;0)

Photo Jul 18, 9 34 57 PM

All 6 arrows finished up.

Next I made his bow.  I was a bit nervous about making it but once I got started it went pretty well. I started out with a wire armature using a couple of different  craft wires and then I covered it up with the Milliput and let it dry overnight.  The next day I started carving on it, smoothing out the curves and giving it a more hand carved look.  Once that was done I sanded it down and then painted it with a mixture of brown acrylic paints.  I added the detail design with a Sharpie marker sealed it and when it was dry, wrapped a bit of fine hemp cording on either side of the handle/riser and then tied some black beading thread on for the bowstring and it was done. :0)


Bow armature made of craft wire ready to be sculpted over with Milliput.


Wire armature covered with Milliput and drying.  I changed the design a bit after it dried by adding more Milliout to the handle/riser.


Bow all done!


Adam is ready to go hunting now. :0)


Closeup of his ‘special’ arrow.  It’s special because Skyla gave him the green feathers for it because she thought the feathers on his other arrows were boring. ;0)

Then last night I finished up Adam’s accessories with his gathering bag and another knife sheath and belt because he doesn’t always take his bow and arrow when he gathers his plants and herbs.  They were made of a combination of leather and Ultra-suede as well.


The bag’s flap is held closed with a couple of magnets I got at a hardware store.


His other knife sheath and belt.

I will probably be making him other items of clothing and accessories as he needs them, but these are the basics to complete him.  Next is a project of a slightly different nature: his trusted canine Nissa.  :0)


Adam walking home through the forest in the evening.


Almost home.

Photo Jul 18, 7 55 53 PM



A Challenge and Things Completed

Okay, so June just flew by!  Where is this year going to? It seems that the older I get, the faster time seems to go by.  I can’t believe that 2016 is half over already! o_O  So, the only excuse I have for not having blogged during June is because I lost track of time.  Is that a good enough excuse? :0/

So, here’s what I’ve gotten done lately:  I participated in a little photo challenge that I co-hosted with eala_city_magistrate on Instagram.  It was to help inspire us to play with our dolls and take photos of them.  There was a theme for each day and those who participated were very creative and had fun as well- which was, of course, the point. ;0)  Below are a few of my favorites.


This was Day 8: Picnic


Adam & Skyla Dance Collage

Day 6: Dancing


Day 4: Game Night


Day 13: Playing a Video Game


Day 16: Another Time


Day 28: Magic

Yesterday I decided that I needed to get some painting of props for Adam and Skyla that I’ve had for over a year.  I also needed to get Adam’s tattoo done.  I’ve been putting it off for long enough only because I was worried that I would mess it up.  So I started off with the easiest ones: Skyla’s glove hands which were gifted to me by my friend Ban Sidhe. In their story, Skyla is a touch empath and has to wear black leather gloves to let everyone know what her special talent is.  She also wears them to protect herself from an onslaught of images that comes to her when she touches anyone or anything and also to protect the privacy of those she comes into contact with.

Next I worked on Adam’s knife.  In their story, this particular knife has been handed down from generation to generation and Adam received it from his maternal grandfather on his death-bed.  Nobody knows its exact origin until it accidentally comes into Skyla’s possession and she informs Adam where it came from and who it originally belonged to.  It is an unusual knife with strange carvings on it that nobody can decipher.  It is a heavy modified Fairyland knife from a few years back.

Today, I got up the courage to do Adam’s tattoo.  Only because the weather was perfect and it’s supposed to rain for the next two days here and I really, really want to complete him! They are very basic in design, but the very thought of messing them up and possibly ruining him scared me silly.  But, I put on my big girl panties and got to it.  His people have tattoos that denote what they are in their chosen profession.  Adam has two bands around his right bicep.  The top one is that of an arrow which symbolizes the fact that he is a hunter.   The number of feathers represent the years of training he’s had as a hunter; so because there are two feathers on his arrow he was a hunter in training for two year before he decided to become a healer like his mother and uncle.  The band below the arrow is a vine with three leaves which mean that he’s been a healer with three years of training behind him.

I still need to make Adam a pair of leather bracers, a sleeveless hooded tunic-type top and a gathering bag.  I think I may also make him a bow and arrow.

Below are the photos of the items I finished today.


Adam’s knife and Skyla’s gloves before their final coat of sealant.


Adam’s tattoo, Skyla wearing her gloves and Adam holding his now finished knife.  I added red Swarovski crystals to the hilt for some color.


A closer look at the knife in Adam’s hand.


The knife between them.

I’ve really been enjoying playing and photographing Adam and Skyla since he’s been home and is almost complete.

Oh, and before I forget!  During the last Fairyland Event I ordered a tan RealFee Mari!  She probably won’t be home until the end of August, but that’s ok, it gives me time to save up for her so I can pay her off when she arrives at DDE.  :0)

Until next time.


Just In Time!

It’s the last day of May and I promised myself that I would get a blog post up before the end of the month and here it is!

It’s been a rather busy last couple of months.  In April I had some surgery done- nothing major, just took a few weeks to recover from it and all’s healed now.  Then in May, we jumped right into preparations for graduation for my daughter.  We had a house guest stay with us for a week so we had to get the house ready and all that so not very much time for playing with my dolls.

I did, however, have a bit of time for a tiny bit of sewing and some painting. :0)

I made a cute pink floral sunsuit for PukiFees and tiny BJD’s inspired by a customer who wanted a pink sunsuit for her doll.  It turned out so nicely I made a few for my shop.


Sweet Flynn (Pipos Rooney) agreed to model for me.

I also made a couple new Slim Mini sun dresses that are in my Etsy shop.


I just love the fabric of the dress that Kess is modeling above!  I went back to the store where I got it from and they were out and now they’re going out of business!  I only had enough to make three dresses from it and one sold last week.


Same style, different fabric.  I have TONS of this fabric! :0)

I also made a new style dress for Yo-SD sized kids: a cute little tunic dress with a pocket.


Modeled by V, my LTF Ante.

I also made a cute summer top for regular MSD girls.  It can be worn with or without the sleeves.


Modeled by my JID Asa Sayuri.

I also put up some hand painted wood deck chairs with stripy cushions for tiny BJD’s.  These chairs also work well for Azone Pure Neemo dolls.


And lastly, I made some fun throw pillows for either the couch, sofa or bench for MSD’s.

Throw Pillows 4


Filigree Throw Pillows 2

Kess & Puff reading in the cool evening shade.

Well, I hope to get back on track with blogging here soon.  Things have calmed down for now so that should not be a problem. ;0)  Until next time!



He’s Back!

Adam is home! He got home last week from getting his faceup from the wonderfully talented Ban Sidhe and he looks AWESOME! I am so very happy with the way he turned out and I cannot wait until the weather turns a little warmer and a lot less windy to take him and Skyla out somewhere for a photoshoot.

Ban did a beautiful job making him come to life for me and of course Skyla is very pleased with how he turned out as well. Thank you so very much Ban!


My first peek at Adam.  Photo by Ban Sidhe.


All done! Photo by Ban Sidhe.


Adam & Skyla.  I just love the height difference between the JID guys and the MNF girls. :0)  Ban made Adam’s outfit as a part of a swap gift.


I also really love the color of his skin.  It’s very warm which suits Adam perfectly because he’s outdoors most of the time in their story.

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