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Welcome to 2017 !

January 31, 2017

Wow!  How did it get to be 2017 and the end of January already?!  Where does the time go anymore?  It seems to fly by faster the older I get.

November and December were quite busy for me preparing for Christmas of course, and then work picked up.  Usually things begin to slow down in November and then I have a couple of weeks off in January or February as our customers begin to plan and prepare for the new year’s business.  Not this year!  It got really busy and has remained that way, so no rest for the weary!

So here we are in the middle of January and what have I done so far?  Not much new in the sewing department, just sewing current designs for my Etsy shop orders.  I have, however, been on a bit of a shopping spree! :0) Here’s who has arrived this month:

On January 11th, the last of the Jun Planning Sasha dolls, Pipin, the golden rabbit, I wanted arrived.  I found him on Ebay for a really good price and just HAD to snatch him up before he was gone!  He had never been removed from his box until he arrived here.  He looks very regal and elegant and fits in nicely with the rest of my Sasha dolls.  One day I will write their story….



The very next day, on January 12th, my very first Ruruko doll arrived!  She is a 2016 Happy Box CCSgirl 15AW Ruruko.  She had never been removed from her packaging and was brand new from someone on Ebay who received her with a Momoko doll.   She sold her on Ebay for a very good price because she only collects Momoko’s.  She is in fair skin and on an Azone XS body which makes her an adorable size especially next to my Azone PureNeemo dolls.  I named her Yulie.


Yulie, right out of her packaging.  I love the weight of the Azone bodies!


Yulie compared to Tayte, my Azone PureNeemo.  I love their size difference!

On January 17th, my MiniFee Tika head arrived.  This head will be for a character who is in the same story as Ma’ari, my RealFee Mari.  I purchased the head from the Marketplace on DOA.  My dear and very talented Friend Ban Sidhe will be doing her faceup along with Ma’ari’s.  Her name will be Rella.  Now I just need to save up and buy her body!


MNF Tika head

Also on the 17th, my second Ruruko arrived!  She is a CCSgirl Fresh Ruruko 1607 and she has natural skin.  She is also on an Azone XS body.  She is just as cute as Yulie and her name is Lark.  She, Yulie, Tayte and Inori are all in the same story.


Meet Lark.

As you can see in the photo, she has a bit of discoloration on her nose. I did a bit of cleaning and a bit of sanding and her nose is now nice and clean!  She had been played with by her previous owner.  I bought her on Ebay as well for a very good price.  Ruruko dolls are hard to come by under $200 so I got very lucky with my two girls. :0)


Lark & Yulie


Lark & Yulie getting to know each other on an MSD sized park bench.  I used a Prisma App filter for this effect.  I love how it came out!


Yulie & Lark enjoying a sweet treat.  I used my Rement table and chair set and some miniatures I found at Hobby Lobby as props.  Works perfectly for them!


A different view and using the Prisma App Filter again.  I love this look!


And one more for good measure! :0)

I have ordered some extra hands for each of them from a seller on Ebay and they should be here in the next month or so seeing as they’re coming all the way from Japan.

I also decided to thin out my collection a bit and decided to sell my MiniFee Shiwoo.  He shipped out and arrived at his new home in Texas last week.  I am also selling my Unoa Lusis/MNF Hybrid.  I was just not playing with either of them and they were just sitting on the shelf looking sad.  This way they will have good new homes where they will be loved and played with.

I do have plans for re-shelling Julian’s character (formerly the MNF Shiwoo) as soon as I can find a suitable doll to do so.  I’m leaning towards another JID boy but haven’t decided on a sculpt for sure yet.

On January 31st, a new Azone PureNeemo arrived! She was bought from a dealer on Ebay and is blank with a black wig.  I am going to attempt to do her faceup myself with watercolor pencils.  I’m planning on buying a small airbrush kit so that I can use a sealant other than MSC (which is toxic, can’t be used indoors and it’s much too cold to spray outside).  Hopefully, when I update this blog next time, she will be all finished. :0)  She will be a part of Tayte, Inori, Yulie and Lark’s story as well.


Azone PureNeemo Body and Rooted Head right out of the package.


Standing right out of her packaging!  She needs a bit of a hair trim. ;0)


Just a little handful! :0)

Well, that’s all I have for this month’s update.  I’m hoping to update a bit more often and more consistently this year.  See you ’round! :0)




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