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July 29, 2017

So here we are, exactly two months since my last post.  Ugg!  Where has the time gone? It seems that the older I get, the faster time goes by and the less stuff I get done. :0/  Anyways, no more grumbling about lost time; here’s what’s been happening since last I blogged.

First, arrivals!

On July 7th, my three girls, who had some spa time at Ban’s Boutique arrived home along with some wonderful goodies Ban Sidhe made for our swap.  My girls all look AWESOME!

First up is Rella who is a Fairyland MiniFee Tika.  I found her head on DOA and snatched her up as quickly as I could.  I know that she was originally supposed to be a male sculpt;  she has a very defined jaw line and strong features, but I wanted those features for Rella who is a character in one of my stories.  Ban Sidhe did an absolutely wonderful job with her face (as always!) and she looks great with her bright red wig which I found on eBay  very inexpensively.  When Rella first go back home after her faceup was done, I was worried that I had chosen the wrong sculpt.  She looked almost too strong for her character.  But Ban told me to wait until her wig arrived before I made any drastic decisions about her.  And Ban was absolutely right!  The wig made all the difference in the world!  It softened her features just enough and now she is the gorgeous Rella I had been imagining all along! She currently doesn’t have a body of her own and is sharing Dannica’s (MNF Shushu) body until I can get another body.




Rella makes for an absolute gorgeous model!


She has Heterochromia, mean she has two different color eyes.  Her green eye is her natural eye, her blue eye is a cyborg eye.


Rella has the ability to change her hair color at will.  Her favorite color is red, hence the red hair.  I think I may get her a different wig though because this one is driving me crazy!


She doesn’t have any clothes that suit her yet therefore she gets wrapped up in my left over cotton voile! ;0)

Next is Ma’ari.  Ma’ari is another character from the same story as Rella.  She is a Fairyland RealFee Mari in Tan skin that I ordered from Denver Doll Emporium.  Ma’ari is my little alien girl and once again, Ban Sidhe outdid herself and painted her exactly how I wanted her!  In order to convey to Ban how I wanted Ma’ari to look, I took up my pencils and paper and made a couple of drawings of Ma’ari for her.  I was just totally blown away by the results that Ban produced and am so very happy with my little alien girl!  Ma’ari remains bald because her people don’t have hair.  They do, however, have these wonderful turquoise blue markings that cover the scalp, part of the face and the ears.  Each Ara’adeem’s (that’s the kind of alien they are) markings are unique to themselves and are a blend of their parentage, so tribes and families can recognize each other easily. I couldn’t find the perfect eyes (in the traditional sense) for Ma’ari that I wanted so I thought about trying out some larger beads.  I think I always knew that her eyes were going to be an amber color, but I did try some silver gray pearls and Ban had some black beads in her when she had her.  Neither sat right with me and then one day I was at Hobby Lobby and found myself in the bead aisle.  I found a lovely strand of faceted amber colored agate beads and thought they would be perfect for her and indeed they are!  I like that they are faceted because they give her eyes dimension whereas a smooth bead may have looked flat.  I also like the fact that there are reddish veins running through the beads which add to their character.


Original concept drawing of Ma’ari


My sweet Ma’ari in her ‘party’ dress that Ban Sidhe made for her. ❤


That face! ❤


The back of her head and ears.  I just love her cute droopy ears!


Best Friends: Ma’ari & Rella

And lastly there is little Caris who will be sharing a body with Ma’ari until I decide/can afford to get her one of her own.  She is a Fairyland PukiFee Rin in tan skin that I found on DOA as well.  She will be my model for all my RealFee clothing I will be selling in my Etsy shop as Ma’ari is just a little too different for that.  (And she’s ok with that! ;0) )  She was originally a sleeping faceplate, but Ban opened her eyes for me and made her look very sweet and innocent.  She is currently wigless as I am having a custom wig made for her and the wait is a couple of weeks.  I spent weeks looking for the perfect wig for her but could never find anything that completely satisfied me.  Then I discovered Natrume in Etsy and she makes gorgeous mohair wigs that are hand dyed in a rainbow of colors for a variety of sizes of dolls.  I am very much looking forward to receiving Caris’s wig and finally having her complete! :0)

IMG_4445 (2)

Sweet Caris.

This month I also designed and sewed a new summer outfit for MiniFees and other Slim Minis like Bobobie and Resin Soul MSD’s and Unoa MSD’s.  They also fit the MSD sized YouPlaDolls.  The strapless romper is currently available in several different fabric colors/designs in my Etsy shop here.


Strapless MiniFee Romper in Apricot


Close up of the fully functional side seam pocket.  Moss Green & White Floral Romper.


Roomy enough to move around in and cool enough for hot summer days out and about.  Scarlet Vines Romper.


Ban’s beautiful Priya (YouPlaDolls Ziya) modeling a romper specially made for her.  (Photo by Ban Sidhe)

I also put up my first pattern in my shop and it’s for the MiniFee Strapless Romper for those who prefer sewing their dolls’ clothing themselves. :0) Check it out under the Patterns Catagory in my shop.  It’s 10 pages of detailed step-by-step instructions with photos in PDF form ready for you to download.

I sewed my Ruruko girls Lark and Yulee some airy white summer dresses recently as well.  I love Cotton Voile and how light and airy it is and it works perfectly for these tiny girls!

IMG_4543 (2)

Yulee & Lark out for an evening walk in there new summer dresses.

Well, that’s it for now.  Hopefully I won’t wait 2 whole months to put up my next update.

Enjoy your summer!



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