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A Challenge and Things Completed

July 2, 2016

Okay, so June just flew by!  Where is this year going to? It seems that the older I get, the faster time seems to go by.  I can’t believe that 2016 is half over already! o_O  So, the only excuse I have for not having blogged during June is because I lost track of time.  Is that a good enough excuse? :0/

So, here’s what I’ve gotten done lately:  I participated in a little photo challenge that I co-hosted with eala_city_magistrate on Instagram.  It was to help inspire us to play with our dolls and take photos of them.  There was a theme for each day and those who participated were very creative and had fun as well- which was, of course, the point. ;0)  Below are a few of my favorites.


This was Day 8: Picnic


Adam & Skyla Dance Collage

Day 6: Dancing


Day 4: Game Night


Day 13: Playing a Video Game


Day 16: Another Time


Day 28: Magic

Yesterday I decided that I needed to get some painting of props for Adam and Skyla that I’ve had for over a year.  I also needed to get Adam’s tattoo done.  I’ve been putting it off for long enough only because I was worried that I would mess it up.  So I started off with the easiest ones: Skyla’s glove hands which were gifted to me by my friend Ban Sidhe. In their story, Skyla is a touch empath and has to wear black leather gloves to let everyone know what her special talent is.  She also wears them to protect herself from an onslaught of images that comes to her when she touches anyone or anything and also to protect the privacy of those she comes into contact with.

Next I worked on Adam’s knife.  In their story, this particular knife has been handed down from generation to generation and Adam received it from his maternal grandfather on his death-bed.  Nobody knows its exact origin until it accidentally comes into Skyla’s possession and she informs Adam where it came from and who it originally belonged to.  It is an unusual knife with strange carvings on it that nobody can decipher.  It is a heavy modified Fairyland knife from a few years back.

Today, I got up the courage to do Adam’s tattoo.  Only because the weather was perfect and it’s supposed to rain for the next two days here and I really, really want to complete him! They are very basic in design, but the very thought of messing them up and possibly ruining him scared me silly.  But, I put on my big girl panties and got to it.  His people have tattoos that denote what they are in their chosen profession.  Adam has two bands around his right bicep.  The top one is that of an arrow which symbolizes the fact that he is a hunter.   The number of feathers represent the years of training he’s had as a hunter; so because there are two feathers on his arrow he was a hunter in training for two year before he decided to become a healer like his mother and uncle.  The band below the arrow is a vine with three leaves which mean that he’s been a healer with three years of training behind him.

I still need to make Adam a pair of leather bracers, a sleeveless hooded tunic-type top and a gathering bag.  I think I may also make him a bow and arrow.

Below are the photos of the items I finished today.


Adam’s knife and Skyla’s gloves before their final coat of sealant.


Adam’s tattoo, Skyla wearing her gloves and Adam holding his now finished knife.  I added red Swarovski crystals to the hilt for some color.


A closer look at the knife in Adam’s hand.


The knife between them.

I’ve really been enjoying playing and photographing Adam and Skyla since he’s been home and is almost complete.

Oh, and before I forget!  During the last Fairyland Event I ordered a tan RealFee Mari!  She probably won’t be home until the end of August, but that’s ok, it gives me time to save up for her so I can pay her off when she arrives at DDE.  :0)

Until next time.


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