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Flying Time….

May 29, 2017

Time has gotten away from me again!  How can it already be almost the end of May already?  It was January not too long ago! The reality of things is this: I have neglected my blog for 4 whole months. :0(  I am sad and disappointed about this and I hope to rectify it with more regular posts in the future.

So, what has happened in the last five months? you ask.  Here are the dolly related highlights month-by-month:


Towards the end of the month, I sold my MiniFee Shiwoo.  Although I really liked him and he was Kess’s beau Julian, I just wasn’t playing with him or photographing him any more and he just sat on the shelf.  So after much thought over the matter, I put him up for sale on DOA and he found a new home soon after.  If I find the right sculpt, I will of course be re-shelling Julian for Kess. :0) (Hint, hint Iplehouse.  We need more manly looking JID guys please!)

I also finally picked a sculpt for a character (Rella/Sameen) in another story I’ve been working on for the last couple of years.  I bought a MNF Tika head from someone on DOA.  She is currently at Ban’s Boutique getting a spa treatment along with my RealFee Mari.  They are both from the same story.


February started off my Azone PureNeemo buying spree when I found a second hand Lien on Facebook.  She is super-cute and I’m really glad that she joined my then very small PureNeemo family.


I also started work on my first ever fully pose-able art doll!  Nissa is Adam’s (JID Boris) canine from his and Skyla’s story.  She is an alien and earth canine hybrid which accounts for her size and ‘different’ look.  I ordered a ball and socket armature from a seller on Ebay.  I love the idea of this armature, I just wish that it wasn’t so hard on the hands to put together.  Other than that, the armature makes a sturdy and very pose-able skeleton.  I then ‘muscled’ her skeleton with leftover strips of quilt batting I had saved.

First version of Nissa’s skeleton.  I ended up adding to her height- she was just too short for what I had in mind for her.


Batting ‘musculature’. 

My friend Ban Sidhe and I have an annual Christmas swap, but last year our swap was delayed for a bit due to some unforeseen circumstances and we decided to make it more of a spring swap instead. (Because friends can be flexible like that! ;0) )  Ban has three RealFee/PukiFee Hybrids so I made her a dress and pantaloons for one of her girls.  It was probably one of the more detailed doll clothing items I have made yet and I enjoyed every minute of it! :0)

I have wanted to add some detailing to my doll dresses in the future, so I decided to look into different stitching methods and my boss suggested I try a Wing Needle for Hemstitching.  Unfortunately, one can’t just go to the local Joann Fabrics to find said needle, so I had to go to a specialty sewing shop to purchase one.  Luckily, there’s one only 8 minutes from our house! :0) I had a lot of fun playing around with the different stitches this needle creates, especially on Cotton Voile!


Some fun stitches done using a Hemstitch or Wing Needle.

Since Ma’ari, my RealFee Mari, will look rather alien once she has her faceup, I decided that if I wanted to make and sell clothing for RealFees I needed to have a head that looked more… traditional.  So I bought a sleeping face plate PukiFee Rin to hybrid with my RealFee body.  Her faceplate is currently being modded to open eyed and faceupped by Ban Sidhe of Ban’s Boutique.  I can’t wait for my new girls to get home!  I need to find eyes for all three and wigs for Rella/Sameen and Caris (PKF Rin).  Let the shopping fun begin!


March began with me getting the flu.  I haven’t had the flu since… well, I can’t remember when I had the flu last, but I was out of it for a week and a half.  It was most certainly not an experience I want to repeat at all in the near future, thank you very much!

Some time ago, I had decided that I wanted to start selling some of my patterns in my Etsy shop in digital form.  It is finally becoming a reality.  I thought it best to start with something simple and chose my Antilles Tank pattern.  It is super simple and looks really cute on my MNF girls!  We (my pattern drafting friend and I) had a bit of a challenge getting the pattern to print to scale, but we have finally worked out the bugs and I can move forward with the writing of the step-by-step instructions and taking photos for the tutorial.  I also plan on selling just the top in fun pattern designs for those who chose not to sew. :0)


MNF Dannica modeling a sample Antilles Tank.

Back in February, I received a doll clothing pattern book called Hannon by Satomi Fujii.  It has patterns for three different sized dolls: Middie Blythe, Neo Blythe and Unoa 1.5 girls.  I have made a couple of dresses using modified versions of her patterns for my Ruruko girls and my MiniFee girls.  The book is mostly in Japanese, but also comes with clear English instructions along with helpful photos for step-by-step construction of each garment.  I highly recommend this book if you enjoy sewing clothes for your dolls, but you will need to make some modifications so that they fit your dolls specifically.  I used the Middie Blythe size pattern as a base for my Ruruko and the Unoa 1.5 pattern as a base for my MNF.


I worked on perfecting and changing my new MNF dress based on the Hannon pattern and am finally satisfied with the design and materials I have chosen for the dress.

I ended up selling my MNF/Unoa Lusis hybrid Larriene.  She, like my MNF Shiwoo, spent a lot of time just sitting on the shelf and not getting much attention. She has found a new home in Pennsylvania.

The next step in Nissa’s creation was to sculpt her head and paws.  I had put it off for long enough and finally took the plunge once I had fully decided to use polymer clay.  I was concerned that her head would be too heavy so I chose to start off with a core of aluminum foil and build around it with the clay.  Once I had her head done I worked on her paws and the baked everything.  I haven’t sculpted in years and was afraid she wouldn’t look very good at all, but I suppose sculpting is a bit like riding a bicycle. ;0)

Since, having sold a couple of dolls, I had some extra dollars burning a hole in my Paypal account, I continued my PureNeemo shopping spree and bought Mia, Witch of the Note.  She is my very first full set PureNeemo and I am very pleased with her! She’s very sweet and has found a place in my PureNeemo and Ruruko girls’ story.


Mia, Witch of the Note

The next  step in Nissa’s creation, was furring her after I attached her head and paws to the armature.  I was VERY nervous about this part as the fur I had chosen for her came from work, is of excellent quality and I only had a very limited quantity so if I messed up and cut it wrong, I was up the perverbial creek without a paddle! Luckily, I thought it all out and went over it in my head many times before my scissors met the fur and things went well.  Once I got done with that part I could breath again! :0)



In the beginning of May we had family stuff happening and yard work so not much happened dolly wise, but I did get to finish Nissa off.  All that was left to do once her body fur was firmly attached, was to fur her paws and head.  Once again, a lot of thought went into this process as I really dislike having to redo things and thankfully all went well the first time around.  And finally, Nissa was complete!  She is fully pose-able, is soft as can be and has a personality of her own.  I vaguely modeled her after a wolf, but left her to her own devices once I had an idea of what she would look like.  I may make a couple of changes to her like lengthening her tail and maybe adding some white fur to her face, but all in all, I’m pretty happy with her. :0)  And so is Adam- which is most important!


Meet Nissa!


Adam & Nissa


A Walk in the Woods



Cleaning her paws after a roll in the grass.


Skyla & Nissa

To continue my PureNeemo shopping spree, I found a Little Witch of the Water Miu fullset from a seller on Instagram.  She arrived within days of my paying for her and made herself at home very quickly with my other PureNeemo girls. Now, I need to start working on their clothes for their story, and then there will be sets to build and props to gather and…. the list goes on and on and on…


Miu, Little Witch of the Water.


Miu, Inor,i Tayte, Mia & Lien

So, there you have it, the last five months of dolly news condensed.  I’m trying to take photos of my dolls daily to post on Instgram, (which doesn’t always happen because real life happens and sometimes inspiration is lacking), but I try to spend a bit of time with my dolls each day.  I’m hoping (cross your fingers) to post more regularly for the rest of the year. :0)

Until next time! ❤


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