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Just In Time!

May 30, 2016

It’s the last day of May and I promised myself that I would get a blog post up before the end of the month and here it is!

It’s been a rather busy last couple of months.  In April I had some surgery done- nothing major, just took a few weeks to recover from it and all’s healed now.  Then in May, we jumped right into preparations for graduation for my daughter.  We had a house guest stay with us for a week so we had to get the house ready and all that so not very much time for playing with my dolls.

I did, however, have a bit of time for a tiny bit of sewing and some painting. :0)

I made a cute pink floral sunsuit for PukiFees and tiny BJD’s inspired by a customer who wanted a pink sunsuit for her doll.  It turned out so nicely I made a few for my shop.


Sweet Flynn (Pipos Rooney) agreed to model for me.

I also made a couple new Slim Mini sun dresses that are in my Etsy shop.


I just love the fabric of the dress that Kess is modeling above!  I went back to the store where I got it from and they were out and now they’re going out of business!  I only had enough to make three dresses from it and one sold last week.


Same style, different fabric.  I have TONS of this fabric! :0)

I also made a new style dress for Yo-SD sized kids: a cute little tunic dress with a pocket.


Modeled by V, my LTF Ante.

I also made a cute summer top for regular MSD girls.  It can be worn with or without the sleeves.


Modeled by my JID Asa Sayuri.

I also put up some hand painted wood deck chairs with stripy cushions for tiny BJD’s.  These chairs also work well for Azone Pure Neemo dolls.


And lastly, I made some fun throw pillows for either the couch, sofa or bench for MSD’s.

Throw Pillows 4


Filigree Throw Pillows 2

Kess & Puff reading in the cool evening shade.

Well, I hope to get back on track with blogging here soon.  Things have calmed down for now so that should not be a problem. ;0)  Until next time!



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