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He’s Finally Done!

July 18, 2016

Adam is finally complete!  I have worked hard these last couple of weeks to get him all finished up and boy is it ever a good feeling to have him all together!  Of course he already had his fabulous faceup by the very talented Ban Sidhe and his wig and eyes and an outfit that Ban made for him for our Christmas swap.  But, I needed to personalize him a bit more; make him look exactly how I imagined him to be in his and Skyla’s story.  I started off with his clothing.  I chose to keep the pants that Ban made for him as a part of his outfit (because I dislike making pants and these already suited him so perfectly), but I needed to make him the type of shirt I envisioned him wearing when he went gathering his herbs and plants.  After a bit of research (Pinterest is a wonderful source btw), I came up with a plan to add a hood to a sleeveless shirt.  I used an ultra-suede material for the outer fabric and cotton fabric for the lining of the hood.  I added straps and buckles and whalah!  He had a shirt just how I envisioned it! :0)


Prototype made of cotton fabric.


Final product in Ultra-Suede Fabric.  I also made the bracers for his wrists with a combination of Ultra-Suede and Leather.

Next I needed to make his accessories and because he was a hunter before he became a healer I chose to make his weapons starting with his quiver and the harness that straps around his body and also holds his knife sheath.  The quiver itself is made of leather and so is the knife sheath and shoulder pad.  The straps are made of an Ultra-Suede material.  Jewelry findings came in handy when it came to attaching everything together.

Photo Jul 18, 9 18 32 PM

Next came the arrows to fill the quiver.  I bought the smallest dowel rod I could at the craft store  and then decided on an appropriate length to cut each arrow to- about 5 and a half inches.  Then I painted them with brown acrylic paint and waited for them to dry so I could start sculpting the arrow heads.  I used Milliput which is a two part apoxy that you mix equal parts together to make the sculpting medium.  I had never used the stuff so it was a bit of a learning experience but it worked out pretty well.  I did learn that it’s best to let it dry over night before starting to carve on it or else it’s too soft and will kind of crumble under your tool as you carve.  Once the arrowheads were all dried and hard at the ends of my arrows, I carved them out to look like they had been hand knapped and then painted them with acrylic paints. The I prepared my feathers after a bit more research on Pinterest on how to fletch your feathers/arrows.  I glued them to the end of the arrow and after the glue had dried I bound them to the arrow with some fine hemp cording glueing down the ends.


Fletched arrows drying.  Floral foam comes in handy sometimes! ;0)

Photo Jul 18, 9 34 57 PM

All 6 arrows finished up.

Next I made his bow.  I was a bit nervous about making it but once I got started it went pretty well. I started out with a wire armature using a couple of different  craft wires and then I covered it up with the Milliput and let it dry overnight.  The next day I started carving on it, smoothing out the curves and giving it a more hand carved look.  Once that was done I sanded it down and then painted it with a mixture of brown acrylic paints.  I added the detail design with a Sharpie marker sealed it and when it was dry, wrapped a bit of fine hemp cording on either side of the handle/riser and then tied some black beading thread on for the bowstring and it was done. :0)


Bow armature made of craft wire ready to be sculpted over with Milliput.


Wire armature covered with Milliput and drying.  I changed the design a bit after it dried by adding more Milliout to the handle/riser.


Bow all done!


Adam is ready to go hunting now. :0)


Closeup of his ‘special’ arrow.  It’s special because Skyla gave him the green feathers for it because she thought the feathers on his other arrows were boring. ;0)

Then last night I finished up Adam’s accessories with his gathering bag and another knife sheath and belt because he doesn’t always take his bow and arrow when he gathers his plants and herbs.  They were made of a combination of leather and Ultra-suede as well.


The bag’s flap is held closed with a couple of magnets I got at a hardware store.


His other knife sheath and belt.

I will probably be making him other items of clothing and accessories as he needs them, but these are the basics to complete him.  Next is a project of a slightly different nature: his trusted canine Nissa.  :0)


Adam walking home through the forest in the evening.


Almost home.

Photo Jul 18, 7 55 53 PM



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