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Happy New Year!

January 31, 2016

So, It’s been a VERY long time since my last post.  Between lots of work at my regular job, some health issues and another dolly funk, I haven’t been so good at keeping up this blog and I apologize to those of you who come here for some fresh posts and haven’t found any.  I have resolved to write at least one post per month this year. (It’s the least I can do, right?)

My blog isn’t the only thing that has suffered in the last several months.  My poor dolls have been neglected as well and I feel very bad about that.  I hadn’t taken any of them off the shelf to re-dress and photograph until this weekend when I resolved to work on a project that was doll related.  That project is Finn & Flynn’a apartment roombox.  I have made quite a bit of progress on it this weekend but I will wait until I have completed it before I say more about it and post photos. :0)

I have done a few things with my dolls since my last post, so I haven’t been entirely dolly free since September.  In early October 2015, my husband and I decided we needed to get away for a night and we drove up to our local state park and spent the night at their lodge.  I decided to take Skyla with me because the state park has some lovely trails to walk and a lake as well and of course it was fall and the leaves were turning so a photoshoot was in order.  I spent the whole week leading up to our getaway sewing an outfit for Skyla and getting her ready.  I made her a cape, a pair of soft ‘leather’ walking boots, some new pants and a holster for her pistol.  I got some really great photos of her on our walk- she just looked like she belonged in the woods gathering herbs and plants as she went along.



Three days later, Adam arrived.  I decided, after much hemming and ha-ing and going back and forth between sculpts, that Adam was meant to be an Iplehouse JID Boris in real skin.  He didn’t take long to arrive home- in fact he came home before his wig and eyes arrived.  I really like how solid he feels and I’m really impressed with the new hand and foot sculpting Iplehouse has done.  They look beautiful!


I love the size difference between him and Skyla! :0)


Here he is with his wig and eyes.  He is currently with the lovely and talented Ban Sidhe getting his faceup done.  Can’t wait until he gets home again! :0)

In November my sweet husband got me a Pullip Sasha Sorc, the last of the cats that I wanted in my little collection, for my birthday.  There were only two left in the online JPGroove shop and I had been watching them very closely until I was able to order her.  She is lovely and I’m really happy to have her in my collection. :0)  Now I just need Pippin, the gold rabbit!


I also decided to take up my knitting needles again this winter and work out some patterns for hats and scarves for my PukiFee, LittleFees and MiniFees.  I now have quite a collection of yarn and have gotten a LOT better at knitting.  I have only managed to get some of the MiniFee hats and scarves up in my Etsy shop though.  Getting the rest up there is on my To-Do list.



So there you are, the last four months in a nutshell.  I really do plan on being more active here and in the bjd community in general, it’s just a matter of finding the time and energy to do all the things I want to along with all the things I have to!


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