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I’m Still Alive and Other News!

September 27, 2015

Yes!  I’m still here!  This summer has been so very busy in-real-life.  Work has been almost overwhelming.  So many deadlines and customers hollering at once for their product that overtime was a must.  The paychecks were really nice though so it all worked out in the end. :0)  Having said that, needless to say I have had very little time to spend on my dolls or writing; I’ve only just had time to keep up with my Etsy shop orders.  Working 10 plus hours a day and half days on Saturdays kind of puts a damper on any other plans I might have.  But, I think the worst is over and now I can enjoy my dolls once more. :0)

I have, in the last couple of weeks, purchased 5 new dolls!  The first is a Iplehouse JID Boris.  He will come with no faceup.  My dear friend and dolly enabler Ban Sidhe, has agreed to do his faceup.  He should arrive within the next couple of months- hopefully close to my birthday in November. :0)  He will be shelled as Adam, Skyla’s love interest.  Been looking at suitable wigs for him and have a couple in mind but  I’m taking my time making the decision because I want it to be just right. :0)

My other four dolls are non-bjd’s.  I bought them yesterday and am very pleased with them.  I’m not usually into ‘other’ dolls since being converted to bjd’s, but these are the exception- along with my Azones and my mini Lalaloopsy dolls.  They are Jun Planning Sasha dolls.  There isn’t much in the form of information on them on the web, but here’s what I do know about them.  The first doll in the Sasha line was released in January 2012 starting with Lala.  She is a rabbit head on a Pullip body. (All the dolls in this line are on Pullip bodies).  She has lovely blue acrylic eyes and a very gentle faceup.  She portrays a very sophisticated Victorian era lady.  From her feet to the tip of her ear she is 12 inches tall, so comparable to Barbie, and is considered 1:6 scale (as they all are).  With them being 1:6 scale it will be a LOT easier to find furniture and accessories!


Her costume, as with all these doll’s costumes, is very detailed with lace, ribbons and beading.  Each doll comes with its own stand and a few accessories.  Lala came with a reticule, pearl necklace, ribbon rose and beaded wristlet and ‘hair’ ribbons that tied around her ear.  She also came with pearlized and ribboned pumps.  Under her dress she wears lacy stockings.

Also released in January of 2012 is Kiki, a cat doll.  She wears a detailed costume that to me looks like a matidor costume with lots of braiding detail, a red sash that sports three ‘medals’, white lace and pin tucked blouse and a luxurious cape that fastens to her jacket with a hook and eye system.  She came with a jaunty purple hat and a red stand as well.  She stands 11 inches tall from her feet to the tip of her ears.


Next to be released was Pippin, in March of 2012.  He is a gold rabbit dressed in an emperor’s clothes of cream and gold.  I don’t have him but he is definitely on my wishlist! :0)

After Pippin came Cecil in June of 2012.  She is a gold cat dressed as possibly the emperor’s wife in a detailed cream and gold gown.  She is a cat and I don’t have her.  Not sure if I will get her…

In August of 2012, Nuna was released.  She is a rabbit dressed in a nun’s habit with a lovely yet simply elegant gown beneath.  She also sports a wimple! I don’t have her either and as of yet have no plans to get her.

In January 2013, Lumina was released.  She is a cat dressed in a lovely and very detailed black, purple and gold gown with a genuine peacock feather as added decor.  She came with a purse and a lacy and be-ribboned hat, black lacy stockings, gold pumps and her own stand as well.  Her faceup is very different from Kiki’s.  There is more grey to it and it looks decidedly more feminine.  Kiki looks more like a male character to me even though she/he is on a female body.  I have plans to change that as soon as I have some extra dollars. :0)


In March of 2013, Wizy was released.  She is a rabbit dressed in circus/carnival/show girl grab.  I’m not sure which, but it also has many wonderful details to it including layers of tulle for the skirts, lots of ribbons and braiding, sleeves and multi-patterned thigh high stockings and a pair of strappy black heals.  Her accessories included a gold necklace, a beaded tulle and fur head piece and a gold trumpet and her own stand.  Her faceup is just a tiny bit darker than Lala’s.


Last to be released in April of 2013, was Sorc, a lovely circus/carnival/showgirl cat in a blue, black, white and gold colored outfit.  Alas, I don’t have her, but she is definitely on my wishlist.  When I have more dollars.  These dolls are no longer in production as far as I can tell.  I found mine at a couple of Tuesday Morning stores in my area for a very deep discount from the original retail price.  I’m hoping to find the other two on my wishlist at one of the stores before they’re all gone.

So there you have it, pretty much all the new news I have to report.  I’m running out of room in my sewing/doll room but I guess that’s a good thing when you’re really into something you love. :0)

I hope all you lovely readers have had a wonderful and enjoyable summer.  Fall is here and before long winter will have us all closed up in our houses avoiding the snow and ice and chilly winds.  One of these days I’m going to either hibernate through winter or spend a winter down south.  One of these days…. ;0)


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  1. Janie Allen permalink

    I love Lala! My favorite. She is Awesome! Love your photos of your dolls. You have an Etsy Shop? If so direct me please. I think my granddaughters would love your work.

    Liked by 1 person

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