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It’s Been A While…

July 19, 2015

…  I know, and I apologize for it.  This summer has just flown by so far and it seems like I have less time and energy to do the things I want to when the things I have to do are always screaming for attention.  That and the fact that I have been working overtime for the last three weeks hasn’t helped anything either. :0/  But, here I am, finally updating my neglected blog.

So, what have I managed to do since my last entry?  Besides working my regular job, and keeping up with my flower beds, I have done a tiny bit of writing.  Managed to get a bit of a chapter of Skyla’s story down.  My mind has been distracted when it comes to writing lately so what I have managed to put down has been unfocused. Too many ideas, not enough time and I can’t seem to type fast enough apparently. :0/

Merri, (Picco Neemo/Obitsu hybrid) came home last month from getting her face painted by Ban Sidhe last month.   She looks very cute and I am very happy with how she turned out!  Thank you once again Ban, for a very cute face on my girl Merri! ((HUGS))

Merri- new faceup

Merri brought along a friend when she returned.  Ban decided that she wanted to re-home her gray Pipos Rooney Flynn and Finn (my white Pippos Rooney) wouldn’t hear of his beloved Flynn going to another place and him never being able to seen her again.  So, I did the obvious thing:  I impulse bought Flynn!  She is adorable and I am very pleased to have her join my Resin Family! Thanks again Ban! :0)

A Kiss for a Bloom

Flynn & Finn will eventually be my steampunk bunnies… eventually being the key word here.  I made Flynn a new outfit trying to go for steampunk, but it turned out more gypsy.  It was a fun exercise in pattern re-sizing and having an opportunity to use one of my new sewing machine feet.  :0)

New Dress

I got some really great new props from a couple of Etsy shops as well.  The first items I ordered were a couple of Starbucks Frappe’s from BeemoStahp.  She made the frappe’s from polymer clay and they look very realistic.  I wanted them to be big enough for my MiniFees, but they are better suited for LittleFee and PukiFee size or they could be considered ‘small’ frappe’s for the MiniFees. ;0)  Next time I order from her I’ll ask for them to be about a quarter of an inch taller.  I think that will make them perfect!


The stools that Nell & Kess are sitting on were a great find at a local thrift store.  I’m not exactly sure what they were supposed to be, but the make great cafe stools.  The table I made.  I used a pillar candle holder bought at Hobby Lobby and a round wooden plaque (also purchased at Hobby Lobby) and glued it to the candle holder.  Once the glue had dried, I spray painted the entire thing white and whalah!  A tall cafe style table is made! :0)

The cupcake they are about to share, is an eraser found at AC Moore while on vacation in Florida this year and the forks are actually charms I found at Micheals that can be found in their jewelry section.  You just need to clip of the loop at the top and file it down.  Modeled by Skyla (MiniFee).


Next are a set of four square plates and 4 square bowls that I purchased from American Doll Kitchen on Etsy.  They are made of plastic and you can order them in white or clear.  They will work for MSD sized dolls even though they are originally made for American Girl Dolls.  Her prices are very reasonable and shipping was fast. :0)

Plate Bowl and silverware

And lastly, new items for PukiFee and Little Fee were listed in my shop Enchanted Daydreams today.  New Sunsuiuts for both PukiFee and LittleFee were added.  Both sunsuits are made of the same fabric with the only difference being that the LTF sunsuit has a rose bud accent and the PKF sunsuit has a ribbon accent.

LTF Vintage Lacy Pink Rosebud Sunsuit 4

I also re-worked my LTF panty pattern and added a small bow to center front and eyelash trim to the legs.  Right now they only come in white but I’m hoping to add other solid pastel colors soon.

LTF White Bow Panties 3

And finally, a new dress for PukiFees!  I found this cute turquoise ant print fabric earlier this year and thought it would make a cute dress.  I added a black and white circle print ruffle at the bottom and a tiny cotton gauze rosette as an accent.

PKF Turquoise Ant Sundress 2

I hope to update this blog more often in the future again- as in maybe twice a month.

Have a great week!


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