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Today It Felt Like Christmas Again…

January 11, 2014

…because my swap package from Ban Sidhe arrived! We did a Christmas swap and her package to me was a bit delayed because she moved from one state to another and that kept her quite busy for a while. But, that just meant prolonging Christmas for me and today was the day my package arrived! :0) Ban is a very talented seamstress and jewelry maker and she writes really good stories. (She also happens to be my writing partner and was very supportive during NaNoWriMo last year). Here are the photos of my second Christmas:


Her sweet and very talented daughters made me thank you notes for the PukiFee dresses and undies I sent them in my swap package to Ban. :0)


Look at all that loot! Thank you Ban for all the lovely gifts! I love them all!


Einin really loves her new footie pajamas. She has declared that it’s time for bed. (It’s only 5 in the evening!)


Kess is ready to brave the cold winter weather in her new jacket and wooly and warm scarf.


Keeley really loves her new dress from Ban. It’s not as ‘itchy and scratchy’ as the one I made for her. “rolls eyes” Picky little fairy.

The other items; the necklace, black cargo pants and grey corset are for Dannica. I’m saving them for when she returns from Ban’s Boutique for a bit of spa treatment.
Please be sure to check out Ban’s site Ban’s Boutique for her fantastic BJD clothing, faceups and mods. She’s a wonderful person to commission and her work is top notch!

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