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ADAD 82-86… More Catching up…

March 29, 2013

ADAD 82/365 Shopping

Shopping Collage

Kess took Kaili & Aidin to the toy store. Kaili got a new Lalaloopsy doll and Aidin got a new action figure.

ADAD 83/365 Sassy


Kess feeling sassy in the new pants I made for her.

ADAD 84/365 Family Portrait

Family Portrait  Collage

A family protrait session gone wrong… this is what happens when kids and puppies are involved I suppose… :0/

ADAD 85/365 Sneaking


Aidin sneaking around the house to make sure the Chihauhau we were watching for the week had really gone home…

ADAD 86/365 The Kiss

The Kiss Collage

Julian & Kess share a special moment.

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